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mana_khemia: A sepia picture of the front hall of Al-Revis Academy (Al-Revis Academy)

Mana Khemia

Al-Revis alumni and friends

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Name:Mana Khemia fans
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Community hub for Mana Khemia.

This is more than just a news community, or even a fanfic/art/icon spot. We also welcome discussion of the games, MK-related humour, and anything at all that would be of interest to Mana Khemia fans. If you miss Al-Revis and want more, this is the place.

-Respect all community members.
-Posts should have something to do with Mana Khemia somehow.
-Have fun!

Interests (45):

a10, a9, al-revis, al-revis academy, alchemy, anna lemouri, atelier, bernard tieck, cardinand lorryale, chloe hartzog, ennarsia dysler, ernentraud karnap, etward dysler, flay gunnar, goto, gust, isolde schelling, jessica philomele, liliane vehlendorf, mana, mana khemia, mana-khemia, marta schevesti, melanie ruthers, mk, mk2, muppy oktavia wonderchak viii, nicole mimi tithel, nis america, pamela ibis, peperoncino, puniyo, razeluxe meitzen, reicher wallach, renee kearse, roxis rosenkrantz, sasarina schily, sulpher, tony eisler, ulrika mulberry, uryu, vayne aurelius, whim, yun, zeppel kriever
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